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Positions, Honors, Publications & Affiliation





  • Certificate of Appreciation in Recognition of valuable contributions and outstanding service representing Division VII on the CPA Board of Directors. California Psychological Association (CPA). 2014.








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  • Gubkin, R., & Meza, J. (2016). Nonnative Accents: What do you hear when I say my name? The California Psychologist, 49(2), 32.

  • Gubkin, R (2015). Paradigm Shift and Psychologists’ Social Responsibility. Contra Costa Psychological Association 2015 Winter Newsletter, 13.


  • Gubkin, R (2014). An Exploration of Spirituality and the Traumatizing Experiences of Combat. Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 1-20.

    DOI: 10.1177/0022167814563142.


  • Gubkin, R (2014). Paradigm Shift and Psychologists’ Social Responsibility. The California Psychologist, 33(47), 3.

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