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I have been on the Media (Radio, TV, newspaper) since 2001. Since 2003, I’ve been an expert commentator on mental health and psychology issues for the local, national and international news of the Spanish Speaking Television Network, Univision.

Television News



  • Noticias 14, Univision: KDTV, Channel 14, San Francisco, CA.
    (Spanish-language network, Bay Area local daily news, 6pm and 11pm)


  • NBC Bay Area evening news


Television News Magazine Programs





  • Radio La Grande 1010 AM: Entre Mujeres
    (Spanish-language Bay Area live program of current events)
    Served as Live commentator and responder to listener calls


  • Radio La Caliente 90.1 and La Romantica, 88.9.
    (Spanish-language Bay Area live programs)


  • Radio Unica 1230: El programa de Carlos De Marti


  • 98.1 KISS-FM: Childhood Matters



  • La Opinion
    (selected interviews in this Spanish-language daily newspaper distributed throughout Southern California)

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